Sponsors & Supporters

This event is one of the largest international high profile forums focused on responsible business and questions of social responsibility that attracts eminent experts in the field from over 40 countries. The event brings together thought leaders from academia and business as well as political, cultural and religious institutions as part of a global alliance dedicated to foster responsibility in business and to work towards a more sustainable future. In 2021, we are expecting 150 delegates from around the world.

The forum addresses the many social, environmental and econo-political changes currently unfolding globally and their attendant complex challenges. This conference fosters the needed dialogue about, and understanding of, these challenges and explores possible solutions and ways forward.

We look forward to working with sponsors to welcome delegates from throughout the world to this important gathering and to support their deliberations about a more sustainable future.

Supporting this event allows you to demonstrate your support of “social responsibility, sustainability and ethics in business”. It also presents an excellent opportunity for businesses, universities, other research institutes and Government agencies to showcase their work and to promote local innovative thinking and praxis in a global context.

We are seeking financial assistance from local, national and international sponsors to support the hosting of the International Conference on CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance in Lisbon, at the same time creating effective promotion of their brand and business. We anticipate national and international media coverage of this event, providing Conference sponsors with significant media exposure.